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Just some pix a buddy sent me


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nothing special, just thought it was cool that someone took a picture of my car besides me.


I like the copper plumbing job on the water inlet.
Cool pics, Chop
I dont really like it Rick. But that piece is what was on my dads altered tropo in the mid 60's. I raided his garage for alot of the cool parts that I have. He has been pretty ill for a few years and though he pissed and moaned about me jacking all his good speed parts I have it on good authority that he is happy that I am using them on something I built. The whole car is kind of a tribute to him. The rear wheels were on his 55 Chrysler that was sent to the crusher not long ago. The chrome valve covers were on his altered as well as a few speed parts. The headlight stands were original ribbed cal-custom pieces that were on my dads best friends bucket in the early 70's. Benny rolled his bucket in a street race on Santa Fe Blvd in 1977 when I was 6. His car is what made me always want to have a bucket. It was a total Fad-T with a blown big block. Benny would run for parts when the club was at the house building stuff and always took me along. My dad always said yes but told Benny to keep it slow. Benny would keep it at idle till we left the block then let her rip. Anyhow When Benny rolled his car and died my dad tore the car down and gave all the parts to whomever needed them in the car club. He kept the headlight stands and headlights. I begged him to give them to me and he always said no. I sent my dad pictures of me doing big burnouts and got a box about a week later with the headlight stands and lights. I have serious hours in beating the headlights round again.

Anyhow, I looked for a piece of hose that can make the bend and everything I found kinked. I cant take the housing out any farther or it hits the pulley. So I kept the copper pieces.

sorry for the book...I am feeling a little remeniscent after talking to my dad on the phone today.
Cars and parts that have a family history are just the very best. I love going into my stash of saved parts and seeing one of my Son's put it on their cars, keeps the history going. My Son's are going to get their inheritance in metal.

I love the Hemi in your T, really sets it apart. Nice job.

A Hemi sitting in a Bucket always looks menacing! Great look and the parts having a history is a mega bonus. Great looking car.
I always loved the look of that scoop. Simplisity and funtion all in one. had one on a Model A coupe once 'til a friend stepped on it. Was never ablt to find anotherone.


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