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Just wondering


What is a good starting torque for friction shocks ? I am building a Spirit Bucket and am months away from from fireing it up, but was just wondering. :think:
We just readjusted the ones on my Son's T. One was semi tight and one was very loose. We made both of them so you really have to pull up to get them to move. Not sure if that is right, but we felt it offered more resistance and control. We'll see when it hits the road.

Here's what Total sayis in their manual. Don't know if it will apply in your case but it might be a place to start.

The friction shocks mount to the tabs welded to the axle. TP
recommends that the friction shock rubber pads be dusted
with talcum powder before installing. Tighten the nuts only
until a drag is felt (12 in. lb torque) on the levers. They can be
finally adjusted when your car is finished. The friction lever​
should point out towards the wheels.

I've got my Total Car on the road a couple of months ago but just tightened them down and hit the road. I'll go back and refine my adjustments and see iit makes any difference. 12in pounds seems kind of light to start.

Wow, 12 inch pounds, thats only 1 foot lb, I was thinking more like 12 to 20 Foot pounds. I guess I will be playing with it. Man, 12 inch pounds, I would of never figured that, that is like finger tight. :confused:
IF you using a made by someone fric shock;use there spic. if not you did your own,then;
The center bolt is only so strong for what ever size it is,so if your bending the disk or braking the bolts,that's for sure to much,pass that on your own design;
It's going to depen on how big the fric disk is and how long the arm is too,+ how close to the outer end of axle the arm is hook to. FUN & games time.
You'll know when it feels rite.
We went over this several times on the NTBA forum, somewhere I read 60 FT Lbs.
You might do a search and see what ya come up with.

I also read 60 ft. lbs. on NTBA site, started there and ended up at 85 ft. lbs.. Took care of front end problems. Drove real nice at 90 mph on Interstates.

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