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king pin

Francis Blake

Active Member
I picked up my axel today but I don't know what spindles it takes. The king pin hole measures .815 and is 2.385 inches long. I would appreciate it if somebody could tell me what spindles I need to buy. :)
Call Ron at RPM not only will he help you he probally has what you need.You can not find better help and customer service than Ron. I called and spoke with him this morning and he never rushed me and I know he is busy.

That is a Ford king pin. If you need spindles I have them in stock. $185.00 for the pair and the come with the king pins already installed and fit. I also have brake kits for those spindles in stock.

That is really a good price considering my local machine shop gets $ 65 to press and hone the bushings, and the kit itself goes for over $ 50 usually. If Ron did them they are also done right.

Dons right in the years i'ne been here i've never heard a negative thing about Ron.Buy with confidence.
Ron has the best prices on every thing he carries I will be ordering a set of spindels brakes and anything else that goes under the front end in about three weeks. Right now I have to wait for my money to build up a little after putting 10,000 in a garage this summer (ouch) things will be better soon :)
I just got some new Radius Rods from Ron. They are the best on the Market by far. Have bought other items from Ron in the past and never been disappointed. I would recommend Ron's products anytime. :)

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