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Kingpin Question


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Now that I have my spindles, I can get the front end together.
my first question the kinpin bushing supposed to fit "snug" in the spindle, or is it supposed to be so tight that a press is needed?

second the kingpin supposed to fit "snug" in the bushing, or does it also require the use of a press??

reason being.....I cannot get the kingpin thru the bushing by hand, and I cannot get the bushing into the spindle by hand.

this is my first I-beam / kingpin build, and I don't want to screw something up, and have to wait another 5 months for replacement parts:mad:

any info would be appreciated

First off if you need new bushings (because something didn't go right) these are availble and are no problem to get.
Now the bushings need to be pressed in to the spindle. I use a tool I made that is machined to fit inside the bushing with a lip to install the bushing in the spindle. Then the bushing needs to be reamed to fit the kingpin. Therefore to answer you question the bushing to spindle is a press fit while the kingpin to bushing needs to be a snug slip fit. Hope this helps

You are evidently talking about Ford spindles, because the Chevy ones are typically too loose in the spindle. I just take mine to the local machine shop and have them press and hone the bushings for me. Usually about $ 50 a pair, and what you want is the kingpin to just slide into the bushing with a light hand pressure.

You can do it yourself too, but I have never been that brave yet. :eek::eek:

I would take it to a shop that has the equipment to install it right. The first one of these that I did I reamed it slightly off center and the camber was off and it wore the tires out in just a little while....Francis
Thanks guys, I appreciate the info. :lol:

thats kinda what I was thinkin' just wanted some expert opinions :cool:

guess its off to the machine shop.


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