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Last call on the photo gallery


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If there's something in the photo gallery you have to have, this is last call. The gallery will be removed tomorrow morning.

Some of the other functions and styles are already away. We'll continue thinning things down in preparation for Monday's shut-down and conversion.
OK, the site is pretty much ready for the conversion to the Invision Power Board software, tomorrow morning.

I've a couple other sites I'm thrashing away on today, so I may not be around too much today. To borrow a phrase, 'if I don't see you no more in this world, I'll meet you in the next one so don't be late'.

We'll be doing everything we can to minimize the downtime tomorrow, so please be patient. VegasBruce is working with me on another site we've already converted to Invision and he took to it like Oprah Winfrey to a doughnut shop. Or was that President D'OHbama to your wallet? :shrug: Either way, he seemed to like the change.
Yep, the new program works great. :toast:

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