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Last nite I wrote a message on here


If anyone needs any help or advice on building a frame or chassis, you can call Mikey at *number removed* or email me at *e-mail address removed*.
Note: This is a FREE consultation or "Benchracing" and is not advertising for a product or service. I am not a hotrod company, jus merely a welder that makes frames for himself and his buddies. I've been making them since 1979.
I wrote a couple of good articles for you guys last night and the webmaster wrote me an email telling me he censored them because he thought they were advertisng. Anyways, some people cant get past the money thing. Merry Christmas to everyone, Mikey
Mikey said:
Anyways, some people cant get past the money thing.
As I explained in our PM exchange, I'll not be reduced to arguing with you. Nor will I tolerate your disruptive behavior on this site.

As for the 'money thing', when you start covering the expenses around here, I'll start giving your opinion a lot more consideration. Until then...

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