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lets VOTE Manual or Electric

Electric is a much cleaner installation.
electric here too

Hard to say which is more accurate, but the Elect. is easier to dash mount, I have had a few guys that used all mechancanical gauges and mounted then on the rear of the engine on a special inclosed panel, they had none to the dash itself, was different.. Don't want any leaks inside your body... :rolleyes:
Electric gauges, mechanical speedo cable.

Odd man out. Mechanical here.
Electric in the Dash, Mechanical on the engine/blower.
electrical is cleaner and easier but I feel mechanical are more accurate and dependable. Most race cars use mechanical. I have Autometer Phantom mechanical gauges in the bucket. Just bought a set of nice Autometer carbon fiber electrical gauges for the jet boat and the friggin tach is not working. Typical electrical crap - now I have to trace all the wiring and see if some connection is not done right or if its a short or ground problem. Won't have that with mechanical gauges.
Both my rides are electric. The '37 has Classic gauges and the '25 has Stewart Warner.
Electric here too.
Just a side note about gauges, one of the most important gauges you can use to tell you all about how your engine is operating, is a vacuum gauge, but only if hooked up with a 1/4" line to it...directly for your intake manifold...(under the carb, most anywhere) This gauge will tell it all... used with a blown engine, this gauge can really tell you how things are truely working, taken from the air box just under the Carbs or? before the blower itself.
Electric (VDO) in both cars.

The temp gauge in my 46 has been checked against an industrial Fluke temp probe. It's dead on the money.

The VDO electronic speedo is easy to calibrate. No DIP switches, the pulses per mile can be set with a single button from the front. I set the one in my T against a GPS nav unit. You can get the speed calibration exact, if you take a little time with it.

Oops!! I forgot the mecanical vacuum gauges in both cars. Like Ted, I find them very useful. Also, the T has a mechanical fuel pressure gauge on the fuel log.


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