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Lisle 33260 Double Flare Tool


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I'm going to be running new 1/4 inch brake lines for the front wheels and I needed a
double flare tool. Since 1979 the TBucket has had single 45° flare on all four wheels,
but I'm going to be redoing the front lines, so they might as well be a double flare.
That means I had to buy another tool for the safety of all my family and friends !

I bought the Lisle 33260 that does single and double flares for 3/16" and 1/4" brake
lines. Since it's not a do everything flaring tool, it's cost was pretty reasonable at
about $60.

33260 Double Flaring Tool 3/16" & 1/4"



What do think?
Looks like this tool will do a nice job of double flares.

I must ask why you are using 1/4 inch ? 3/16 is the norm. Just curious.
The master cylinder is from a 60-70's Chevy car. It is 1/4 inch in front and 3/16 inch
for the rear brake lines.

The size of the brake line will not make any difference in the way it stops. The only
difference I can see would be how fast the brake fluid will flow thru the lines. We are
only talking about tablespoon of fluid. So there is a VERY small difference in time
to apply the brakes, can you think in milliseconds between the front and rear brakes.
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The m/c 1/4" port fed a combination valve/ distribution block , that switched to 2- 3/16" lines , one for each front wheel . A single 3/16" line fed the same combo valve & sent 1 -3/16" line to the rear brakes .
Where was the distribution block located, was it more central to the front wheels?

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