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Little Boat No More; Yacht Maybe


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Take a look at where I'm going with the body. I've run out of steel, but the platform will have pieces under it that will point back to the frame to make it look like a boat bottom. The hood will be split and widened and it will have 1933 Chevrolet Master fenders. The ugly truck bumpers will be gone and replaced with something that will look like anchors. As you can see the boat body will be much longer and wider than the original boat. It made more sense to make the boat fit the frame than to make the frame fit the boat.

There probably won't be any updates on this project for the next several weeks, as I need to save up money for a new brake system ($1,300 including king pins and misc hardware), fenders ($500), more steel ($500), several rolls of fiberglass and resin (at least $500), gas tank ($200-$300) and the headers I want ($300).

There will be plenty of time to clean and paint the frame and do a bunch of minor items until the money is saved.










The boat's logo RPM just cut out that I'm going to paint. (Thanks Ron)


You've come a long way baby! :D

Dovehunter, I really do appreciate your and all other's incouragement. Right now it looks a little big, but it is still just a frame. Things should settle into proportion once the fame is done and the glass starts to set.
Thing is, chances are you won't ever see anything else remotely like it, and if you do it's a good bet yours is the first one ever made. I hope it will sport an outboard motor on the transom. Doing your thinking outside the circle is an art to be treasured.

I am of a mind now to build a vacuum cleaner bodied rod. It would look a lot like the Green Monster of brother Art Arfons from years gone by. However, I too have a decrepit 16' glass fizz boat hull at home and after a couple of shots of Jack I may well decide to join the growing Hot Rodded Boat movement.
Wild Mango, (guests reading this page)

If you've never done it, do a search for art cars and you will find cars shapped like women's shoes, hamburgers, and who knows what all. Art cars are fun and certainly unique. The only boat cars I've seen so far on the internet used old VW Beetles and one Ford Bronco, or have been very old like the Bevo Boat, or have been an actual car prototype like the one in a British Museum that is a Fiat. Hopefully mine will be unique for its size and front design. It is going to be about 19 feet long (5.8 meters?) and 6 feet wide (1.8 meters?). It probably will end up with a for-show-junked-out outboard motor on the back. Others have suggested it, and I'm beginning to think it is a great idea. Ron (RPM) may have to cut a couple of smaller flaming chicken heads to go on the outboard "motor."

The vacuum sounds like a fun idea or join me and build a boat hot rod. I'm going to look up the Green Monster of Art Arfons. I'm stealing ideas from where ever I can! One of these days I'll post the collage of pictures I've collected ideas from (my avitar is one example). The motivation for this project was the body on that old truck wasn't worth fixing. As much as I love T-buckets, (and really want one) I wanted something few had tried to do and wouldn't break the bank. My first thought was glass two T-buckets together on the frame with a small truck bed or turtle deck on the back. But along came the idea one night to use a sad little boat that had no hope of ever floating again. So here we are today. Oh, I can't wait to have more money for steel tubing!

Back in the late 1960's I guy would show up with the rest of us race fans to see The 12hr. of Seabring here in Fl.,he had put a about a 26ft. Crist Craft yacht[this was old wood one] on top of a bear truck for power,he even could drive from the very top,and Bikini gals were on deck as he drove around. The name on the back was "Run-a-ground"
The bottom was cut away were needed to have wheels stick out by a chainsaw.:cool:
It was neat-O cabin and all.

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