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My intro


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Hey everyone I am John from NC introducing myself here. Been lurking for a while had trouble signing up but finally got it. I have a speedway bare frame and body 23T I'm building for with my wife. So far we have the floor and firewall wood installed with kitty hair in the gaps waiting to glass the perimeter and underside. Our project is going to be slow as money permits. We have a S10 4x4 rear w disks and a slew of ccr suspension parts including radius rods and brackets. We will be learning some better tig before proceeding on the frame building, we have a proficient friend teaching us. I'm confident in my mig just prefer the look of tig welds. Also been slowly getting other parts together for brake and steering as well. Steering will be speedway style through the firewall and vega box cross setup. I'll do a build thread eventually as I get time to just wanted to do my intro. We also have a 1964 Impala ss409 we built ground up and a 1965 Stingray warehouse find survivor non numbers matching car, hopefully a driver soon.
Welcome to the forum from Oklahoma ! WelcomeAnim.gif
Hi John! Welcome from the great state of Minnesota. A tip: the guys from Oklahoma are a bit wonky. Too much bathtub gin. :whistling:
I won't say anything about how people from Minnesota stay warm! :roflmao:
Welcome, John! Sounds like you've got some really cool "toys" to keep you busy. Hope your T comes together smoothly, and we're here to help with that. Mine also has the Vega box/cross steer setup and it works really well. Once I got the alignment worked out (3/16" toe-in, 8 degrees caster) it drives straight and true.

Thanks guys looks to be a wealth of information here I'm sure I'll need plenty of it lol! My frame came with what I think is one of the ebay I beam axles. I'm not sure I wanna use it after researching them, but do like the look of an ibeam. Really considering just going with a spring behind 4in tube for safety and strength.

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