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Little repair job...


Three years ago when I was getting ready for the 2007 roadster show, the pinstripe was scheduled to come over, I had everything done, but he wanted casters on the body stand I had made... so I bought some casters, made legs that would quickly attach to the body stand so I just needed a couple of guys to come over, lift it while I screwed them in... So 9:00 PM the night before the pinstripe is to show, they show up to lift it... within 3 seconds, the rear deck-lid hit the ground... So I started a quick and dirty repair job... ground down the crack, Bondo, sand, primer, seal, shoot color and covered with clear before I wet-sanded to get ready for him to pinstripe that next morning... time you ask? 4:30 in the morning it's done, then I left for Portland.

So what happened was, after 3 years, my quick and dirty repair job cracked as you can see in the photo just to the right of the center section.


So ground it down, laid two layers of glass for strength...


did a little more grinding then applied and shaped the center section with Duraglass... that stuff is tough as my ex!


then I applied several coats of bondo and Metal glaze to get it ready to prime...


shot primer on 4 different occasions... sanding and sanding to get the right shape...


Shot sealer


then onto 4 coats of color and 4 coats of clear as you see here


Tomorrow I wet-sand, get the pinstripe back Saturday, then shoot 4 more coats of clear, wet-sand, then 3 stage polish... think we are going to made it to the show with one day left!
sounds like so much fun, sorry i couldn't help myself, just finished up helping a buddy paint his old wagoneer, and i was the sander on alot of it. damn nice job though.
About what does it cost for a pinstripe job? Of course I'm sure its going to be one of those, it depends on what you want.... kinda referring to a ballpark figure.

dovehunter79 said:
About what does it cost for a pinstripe job? Of course I'm sure its going to be one of those, it depends on what you want.... kinda referring to a ballpark figure.


I have pinstripe on my bucket kinda what Al has and it cost me $250.00
Just who you know i guess i have an artist in the club i belong to and he did my whole car with the graphics for $50.00
Rick said:
Forgot the pics.





Dang, Rick! I always liked the stripping and graphics you have on your car. Thanks for the close-up shots. I'm gonna get mine done one day and those pics are a great idea starter.
I was lucky enough to catch Skratch (who works for Chip Foose on Overhaulin' sometimes) at Turkey Run in Daytona this past year. He was pinstriping stuff and I got him to do my headlights, grille shell, cowl, dash, and rear frame rails. He only charged me $ 350 and I tipped him $ 50 because if he had done this in his shop in California he told me it would have been about 3X that much. Super nice guy and extremely talented. He laid down these lines all freehand, with a crowd hanging over his shoulder.

He also did my Son Don's T, and both turned out great. Now my other Son Dan wants him to do his 30 rpu when it is done. :)






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