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LOL Check this out!


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It's a model T.


Pretty nice, huh? Well, it REALLY is a Model T!
Wierd paint job, whats with the red smears on black? or are those suposed to be flames? the back tire is so shiney it looks like plastic.

it is nice though. wish i could see the radiator cap better.
Mike, I get the impression you're the only one who realised that it is a 1/4 scale RC car. :lol:
I didn't know it was quarter scale but by the way the body is i knew it wasn't a full scale
I was fooled too. It was the rear tires that made me look closer. I mean, who Armor Alls the tread of a street car?

I was Googling images looking for 23 T pics ( I'm still tossin' paint color around:confused: My girl NOW says that the red on the suspension wouldn't flow on the body. She says black would be a nice contrast.:confused:). I thought about a thread on nice looking T buckets and this came up.

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