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Looking for a company for my Dad

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Dad met a guy last year at the Zephyrhills swap meet and the guy was in the Orlando area. He sold complete straight axle front ends. Dad lost his contact info and would like to get ahold of him. Anyone know who this might be?
Try Ron at RPM he can make you any axel combo you want.
Yes we are doing axles now.

We just finished up a small run of front axle kits. We have these in your choice of 4" or 6" drops. With either Chevy or Ford ends. JUST 399.99 plus UPS shipping
Comes as pictured , also with spring hangars and shackle kits.
27" radius rods
heims and nuts
clevis and nuts
axle with bat wings
spring hangars

The axle is made from 2" DOM tube with a 1/4" wall.

Give us a call 865-932-7541 we can also sell just the axle, or any parts of the kit seperate
Ron, If that is a 6" drop axle in the picture, looks like it will not be legal as far as running a 15" wheel, with that combo spring radius rod bracket hanging that far below the axle?? or does it just make it?? and that short of a front spring will give a real choppy ride, and it looks like a trailer spring? Not worth a darn for a T bucket, as far as a good ride goes... :)
Perfect! That is just what he was looking at before and the price is great! I will have him give you a call when he gets back from vacation!
Whoa .... we really don't need this on this site!!!!! This is the first time I've seen this type of sniping here and I sure as hell hope it's the last. There are other site where exchanges like this happen daily. This won't be one of them if I can help it.

Francis Blake said:
Ted sometimes pictures are deceiving. Ron does his homework before he manufactures a part.....Francis
Well when he said that short spring works fine, I will have to dissagree, they may be fine on a trailer, but not a T bucket that you want a reasonal ride... :) I hate to hear grown Men cry...
For those who would prefer a longer spring, I'm sure RPM will work with you. Ron is a great guy and makes quality parts. This set up will work. There is no doubt about that. There are a great number of T's on the road with trailer springs on them.

Ted dose make a valid point, a longer spring will give you a better ride quality. That's why Henry lengthened the springs on his Fords over the years.

For those looking for a front end set up, you have options. JMO

Gentlemen, perhaps it is the angle of the picture that leads Ted to believe that the spring is "short".
I can see where a shorter spring would have less flexibility, but could work with fewer leaves and proper shock valving.
Ron, what is the spec for the spring (installed length, flexibility, etc.) and Ted, we all have seen your "long" version of a front spring, what are specs for it?

Spirited debate is fine and sometimes I miss it here, just don't drop to schoolyard level.

Mine is 48" long, not that everyone has to have a spring just like mine, but those short springs were tried and still used by many that did not want to have a custom spring built. I am not worried about being a great guy, I want everyone to get a great RIDE, Sorry if I got your feathers all ruffled up... :) and if I am still back in the flintstones age, why are soo many copying my Roadster, still today?? Down to A T
Ted, I can appreciate you see different ways of doing things. It's a bit like setting up a race car. There are a dozen different ways to get the car down the track.

By the same token, there are a dozen different ways to set up almost any aspect of a T-Bucket.

And the problem with there having to be a 'right' way means there has to also be 'wrong' ways. Seeing as how Ron puts a lot of miles on his T, I am trusting his methods are perfectly acceptable.

As for myself, I've no desire to race anyone down any kind of road, particularly not a dirt version. Nor do we advocate anyone race anyone else down any kind of road. We race on race tracks, aye? ;)


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