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loving more than t buckets...


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i know that we are all here because we love t buckets . but my t is not my only hotrod .... so the question is ..... what other cars/trucks or prodject do you have?

ill go first...
all are prodjects (only thing on the road is my '23 t)
'36 ford cutdown nostalgic drag car
'34 ford truck
'51 chevy sedan (gona be a wild custom)
'27 t roadster (thats for sell)

man i got to much junk!!!!
A 74 Blazer and a 73 C10 I'm working on. Waiting in the wings 66 chevy II, 66 Barracuda, 61 Ranchero, and a 77 IH Scout. And, I have to build a house. :lol:
Nothing at the moment, but I have a lead on a '27 chassis at a good price. it may be my next project, if this first one ever gets done.:lol:
I have a '37 Chevy that I have converted from a 2 door sedan to a convertible sedan. It is tagged EX SEDAN and my T compliments it with the EX JUNK tag. I will send some pictures to Al and see if he will be kind enough to post them here for me as I am "computer challenged."
Here ya go, Ex Junk!:D



A VREY sweet ride! Thanks for sharing her!:lol:
Here's my list;

'27 traditional modified, current project
'27 hiboy modified, up for sale soon
'29 roadster pickup made from a 2dr. sedan, also for sale soon
'24 scratch built modified,
'33 scratch built dirt track car
'33 Chevy pickup, ex-2 ton

I swear, I don't know where they all came from.
Youngster said:
Here's my list;

'27 traditional modified, current project
'27 hiboy modified, up for sale soon
'29 roadster pickup made from a 2dr. sedan, also for sale soon
'24 scratch built modified,
'33 scratch built dirt track car
'33 Chevy pickup, ex-2 ton

I swear, I don't know where they all came from.

Youngster, ya got any pics of the '24 modified?
I have two others. First is my '27 roadster that I've had for about 20 years now. Drove it for about 7 years daily and it has been torn down for a rebuild for the last 7 or 8 years. 302 Ford, 3 speed stick, built '50 style.

My other car is a '39 Dodge truck that I am building in what some call a "Bobber" style. Olds 394 engine, custom frame, channelled 4 inches and chopped 4. Going to get back on it this Spring after we get my Son's car a little further along.

Here is how both cars sit right now.

Fred...The pic's in my gallery "'scratch build from '96" are the only ones I have. At this time, the car sits in pieces in storage.

Well right now all I have is my t bucket and the teardrop camper in the shop that I can call my own.
Like I said in my intro my neighborhood has a love of old chevrolets and I spend so much time with them they almost feel like mine, theyre either in my shop or the next door shop being polished, pampered and otherwise maintained for the next generation to enjoy. heres the list.
1925 T touring, original. 1960 impala 2 door hardtop, currently under construction, should be on the road in a year or so. 1962 impala 2 door hardtop, driver, 283 and a glide, its very red! lol someone put an alternator on it and didnt do a good job of it. so weve been working thru some fairly serious wiring issues, no fires yet. One 1968 impala convertible, also red, you cant park the 2 next to each other at shows, they clash. A 1969 camaro rs/ss convertible in the pace car trim, that car was brought bach from the grave, not much left of it when we started. It might be down the road for a 1959 driver corvette, will see what troy wants to do, beautiful car, hate to see it go.
Upcoming projects, guy up the road has been trying to sell me his 53 ford pickup, thats a possibility. My dad still owns the car I grew up with, its been in storage since 86 and not driven since 78. Its a 1964 impala 2 dr hardtop, maroon white top and black interior. The car I remember going to the drive in wearing my pajamas so I would fall asleep. I remember laying up in the package tray area going down the road waving at people. Dads dream has always been to drive it back to california and sell it. NOOOOOO!! lol I dont see it happening but on the other hand the guy wont part with it, guess time will tell, be a sad day if it leaves the family..For now it sits in the shed out back..
Buddy south of me has a steel 27 roadster BBC project going, build the occasional piece for that also. Should be a fun ride when done..Bout it here. After all these years messing with old cars I came to realize all we can do is enjoy them like old freinds and take care of them for the next generation to enjoy. Paul
Now above are some cool other things to be in to alright,kind of neat how we move along in intresting ways.
One of my fav was my Henry J full custom i built starting in 1958,it ended up being stolden,but it was in Car Craft mag. jan 1963. There a few to many other rod and races cars to try to list.
But some other stuff that is speed to;Like this 24volt car my son drives #85; OR some of my design and race stuff from pedal bikes;
1934 3 Window Coupe
1923 C-cab, almost a roller
1983 S-10 4X4 w/SBC
1980 GMC 1/2 ton P/U that belonged to my Dad
1997 Ford Ranger daily driver (gets good gas mileage)
2000 Ford Explorer the Mrs. daily driver

not all of them are "customs" or hot rods, at least the daily drivers aren't.

but every thing else has some type of "modification" from stock form

I have an old '74 Chevy C-10 I play around with. It's definitely an ugly duckling as I haven't got to body work yet (maybe never!), but it's been fun and relatively cheap to wrench on.

Along these lines, I just rented a movie from NetFlix called "Yank Tanks". It's about all the classic cars that were left "stranded" in Cuba when the US put the trade embargo in place. It's a pretty good show but the dialogue is mostly in spanish and you've got to read english subtitles (they did make the subtitles big enough for us old guys to read though!).

They were showing how they actually make their own glass and the molds they form it in (obviously NOT safety glass!) and they showed a guy working with asbestos, resin, and graphite to make brake pads. When they were done and cured he buffed them up on a grinding wheel! Later they show him puffing on a cigarette . . . I'd venture to guess he'll eventually end up with long problems! One guy painted his car with a sponge! They didn't show how they overcome things like bearings, rings, pistons, etc. though it did seem that several of them had transplanted engines out of Russian made vehicles and a couple mentioned getting parts from friends abroad so I imagine some parts do get imported into the country (though not through official channels). All in all it was a fun watch!


well besides the t bucket that is almost done i also have a 1973 ford ranchero im restoring its got a 302 now but i will prob go with a big block i have been also toying with putting a 72 front clip on it time will tell
when im done with the bucket im thinking of buying a vicky kit from street beast my son wants something with a back seat for my grankids agian time will tell
my daily driver is a 05 dodge dakota
my wife daily driver is an 07 saturn sky
red convert great little sports car
Before you invest in a Streetbeast car you want to talkto someone who has attempted one of these builds.

STREET BEAST!? :eek:They are the devil!!:eek: No, I think they really are. I've seen their cars and heard the horror stories. Go on ANY hot rod website and the stories will be the same.

I made the mistake of calling them just to get a little info. Dude, I damn near had to threaten them with violence to stop the call backs! It was the worst experience I have had with sales people in my life! After cursing them out, they STILL called!:mad: The irony is that I have heard that when you have a problem, you can't get hold of anyone to help you.

Please, check those guys out REAL good! They have changed names a few times, but the product is the same, CRAP! Please, do your research before you make a fatal mistake!

Yeah, I called them once to get some info, The guy on the phone started the high pressure sales routine on me, big mistake I was crossing them off my christmas list as we were talking. Then the call backs started, finally had to explain how to spell " NO " and what the the word was used for.;)

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