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Lower protection

Since it looks like you have a solid mounted axle, I'd get a 'roid donut for a little more lower protection.
What horse power are you planning on running? I believe that would pass a NHRA inspection. Nice work.
That's a worth while addition, it's always better to be safe then sorry especially when it comes to the guys.
Nice addition you seem to have the answer to the earlier question I had about protection.
I dont know the H,P but it do run the last numbers was4.67.1/8 mile .I remember when
i was a kid my dad had a rail now this was 66 we saw the after
math of a rear end poppin on a guy at Greenvalley he did the
same thing you kind of hang on to thoses memories Here,s the
latest today i,m getting the fuel tank together she likes that methonal
kind of like my X she ran good on the alky too :shhh: now thats just between us guy,s ok..

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