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Makes a great sander


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These multi-tools make great sanders for thin edges and small flat spots. Just wrap a blade with a piece of sticky backed sandpaper. The tool does all the work. They make bulky sanding pads for these but the backing is too soft. I find this method using the stiff blade way more useful.

5-23-20 2.JPG
Good idea. I bought one of those tools (DeWalt) thinking I wouldn't use it much. Now it is my go-to tool for lots of projects. How did I ever do without it?
We nick named ours the angry beaver. They are great for fixing trim problems, cutting pvc and now I know for sanding.
Speaking of "Angry Beaver" try the blades with the "Angry Beaver" right on them! "Coram" brand out of Switzerland are hands down the best cutting, longest lasting oscillating blades on the market. They literally have a Beaver logo on every blade. lol Once you try them, you'll use all of your other blades as sandpaper holders.

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