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Marty's bucket build

Way to go the extra yard showing people the way to do it right!
I think the color looks great. You should see it in the sun. We are putting flames on the bucket and are starting to mess around with contrast colors now. We should have a video of the chassis build up and viewable in a few days.
It looks great! Not many people dare to go candy orange which should make a real eye pleaser.
BC, your team is doing a fantastic job on my dream car. Your attention to detail is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing the final result at THE BASH.
Many thanks, Marty :D:D:D
Marty is this your first bucket? Where are you at in wisconsin?
Yes, this is the first bucket for me. I'm located in Racine. I drove through Phillips last year. It's a beautiful area.
It is real beautiful unless you need a job right now places are laying people off like crazy.I still have my mechanic job people are fixing there cars instead of buying.
BC, like I said on the phone: "WOW!":clap:
Thanks for doing the vids. It makes me feel like I'm part of the build even though I'm 700 miles away. Ain't technology cool?:cool:
Lee I need to introduce you to Marty at the Bash. Your both cool dudes for being old guys. By the way I'm looking forward to seeing your bucket now that it has paint. It looks good in pictures.
Old guys!! :eek: Hey Marty, maybe us "old guys" should teach this young whipper-snapper a lesson in respect for his elders!!
B.C. said:
The finish paint buffing video is now up. Here is a link

:rifle:Man, i cant believe you would do that :lol:.... I was hoping to see the finished deal but you had to do it, you had to leave the cliff hanger in there!!!!!:boohoo:

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