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master cylinder


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I'm starting to get serious about the C-cab build.
been trying to get the chassis in roller form.
trying to figure out how and where to mount the master cylinder.
I know it will have to go on the chassis, under ther floor.
I have an older Total frame, and have seen M/C mounted to the inside of the left frame rail. I guess thats OK, since they sell the stuff to do it.
anybody else have their M/C mounted in this fashion?
is there a better way?
I need advice from the TP gurus:eek:

My setup is a Total also. It's a tight fit, but it works good. Spirit has a similar setup and I think theirs is a little better and you can use a power brake booster.

Get with Thomas, he has a Spirit T Bucket.
Thanks for the input and info, I really appreciate it.:D
right now things are kinda on hold. I'm having a devil of a time finding steering arms for my econoline spindles:mad::D
unless somebody has a set squirreled back, looks like I may be buying a new I-beam axle and spindles.:sad::lol:
which means the money I had saved back for new sheet metal, will now have to go for a new front set-up.
anybody got a set of steering arms for Econoline spindles you want to part

I could make someone a killer deal on a TP frame, I-beam axle, spindles, radius rods, bat wings, etc.:boohoo::shifty:


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