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Merry Christmas.... everyone.


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It seems that no matter how good or bad the year has been, the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas seem to make this time special, if only for a few weeks.

I hope you and your families will have the very best of holidays. Maybe you'll sit back and watch the children tear into presents, watch a football game or two or sneak that extra slice of pie. If santa was REALLY cool, maybe you'll get something for your project!;) No matter the case, have a safe and Happy Holiday celebration.

My brother is in the Navy and won't be home for Christmas and so many of our troops are over seas. So, I searched and found a little Holiday song to help remind us just how good we have it and how wonderful it is that we have brave men and women willing to put themselves in a place so far from home to protect our way of life.

Here's Bing Crosby:

Merry Christmas to you too Fred! Thank your brother too for serving our country, I know it must be hard to be away at the Holiday time and we can't forget the brave ones keeping this country safe!
Merry Christmas Fred, Mike, Rick and Butch. In the spirit of Christmas and brotherly love. I love you guys.


Thank your brother for me Fred. It's because of brave men and women like him that we here in the United States can enjoy this Dec. 25th in a safe society.
Thanks Thomas: Same to your family. Been in Ohio. Yes you can use the safety wire tool. I put in out on my work bench so I'll remember. Call when you want to pick it up.

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