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Mickey Thompson on 10" Wide Wheels


Hi All, Apologies if I posted in the wrong place...just wasn't sure where it would be appropriate.

Was wondering if any has the 6642 29X15.00R15LT Mickey Thompson Sportsman SR radial on the 15x10 rim and can share a few pictures? The specs say you can mount the tire on rims between 10"-13" (measuring rim is 12")

The reason for the question is I was hoping to see a pic of what it looks like with the narrowest rim.

Thanks in advance!
Well, I spoke with Tech Support at MT and searched the internet. Tech Support said going with the smallest approved wheel width (10") for the 29x15 tire should not give the "bulge'y" (is this even a word!) look. He said MT views the tire as a show tire and so it should still provide an appearance of the straight sidewall throughout the approved rim widths. Here is only pic I could find of a 29x15 on a 15x10. According to my research on TireRack, mathematically, the tire should become approximately 0.8" narrower when mounted on a 10" wide rim. (0.2" narrower for each 1/2" narrower rim from the measuring rim which is 12")

Section width of MT 29x15 at measuring 12" rim = 15"
10" rim is 2" narrower (or 4 - 1/2" increments).
Tire will narrow by 0.2" for every 1/2" of narrowing
4x0.2" = 0.8"
15"-0.8"= 14.2" (new section width using 10" wheel)



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Hi All, well I went ahead and bought the MT 29x15x15 to go on a 10" rim and. I'm happy with the result. Prior to mounting the tire I measured bead to bead and it was 11.25". To be honest...despite the mathematics above it was hard to see any difference in sidewall profile before mounting the 10" or after mounting the 10". The Tire/Wheel in the background is an N50x15 on a 12" wide Cragar SST for reference. Hope this helps someone. Anybody need some Cragar SSTs? 2-15x12 and 2-15x6


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