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Hi all , Am trying my best to have a pile of metal. parts and body setting on floor to begin school year. I ran across this for $500 bucks. Mickey Thompson Sportsman 29x18.5x15LT tires on centerline autodrag polished wheels. Skins are supposedly new.
I think the problem is back space. He says backspace and tire overhang 7 3/8. I do not think will be enough room for body running s-10 or blazer rear end. We do have a caprice gear. So I guest the question is deal or buy a more reasonable tire width? 2nd Is anyone running a tire that wide?

Look forward to comments.
is a good diagram how to measure. My tires are 31x18x15
Good job Putz i think that will answer any questions he has.And give him some guide lines to go by.
Thanks Rick found it in an earlier post.
It's the little things like that,that keep this place going strong.Thanks again for you input.
Be aware that that is a bias ply tire and you will need bias for the front. I have a set of those here I just took off for being too rough and bought a set of Mickey T radials 31/18.00R15. Much better but broke now:cry:
Thanks Putz, I had that pic and wrote measurement on it. I did miss the 18'' tires. 2x4 s-10 combination will not work but Blazer will. who says teachers can read or do math? Today It felt like 200 deg. laying the horse weeks measuring axles for myself. We’ll blame the heat on my confusion.

That pic needs to be posted in the technical Articles
Thanks again

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