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MILL Quiz number duce much harder

Damn, that was a lot harder then I thought it would be. I never was a Ford fan and that's where I made most of my mistakes. The Pontiac, Chevy and Studebaker were easy.

You got 14 right out of 19.
Telman u r right i kept looking for one of the choices on the ford engines to be Boat Anchor but it wasnt there. (that will get um going:cool:)
Stop bouncing around and ill hang this boat anchor on ya.LOL
I knew that bouncin around would come in handy. HA
I sure biffed that one, 12 of 19. Oh the shame, the embarassment. :doh:
Oh the shame....:eek:

You got 14 right out of 19.
Thanks for playing! Before you leave the site, be sure to check out the home page.
I got them all.
Mike in ep:cool:
13/19 here...Would love a ride in the 427 ford cammer roadster in the pic! 675 hp is not to bad for a boat anchor....

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