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Here are some shots of my newest T. The engine is a 60 over 409, with 10:1 Ross pistons, 454 Chevy rods, hydraulic flat tappet Isky cam, 6 Demon 98 carbs and all home made linkage and brackets. Today I finally tracked down all the vacuum leaks and it runs pretty well. Now to tackle the timing and advance curve.

For those who might not be familiar with the W style motors (348 & 409), there is no combustion chamber in the head. It is all in the cylinder.

Very, very nice. Nice change from the usual power plants.
Very well done ride!
Great chassis..hehe I believe I have seen that somewhere before..hehe Love what you have done with your's, and I love those 409 engines, had one in my 60 Chevy.. out of a 62, a real hard runner, speaking of which,, If I were you, I would make a new STRONGER set of rear Radius Rods, as that engine, should have no trouble rolling those up, if you get a good bite.. Just a thought. Back in the day when I first designed that chassis, most guys were not using real big high horse power engines, plus most just spun the tires... So, the smaller Radius Rods were OK... But today, it is a different story, tires are getting a lot better hold of the ground. That tends to break things... Been there and done that also.. Love your Ride!!!
That's a great looking car, that W motor brings back memories of a 58 convertible (348) I had in the early 60's.
my dad had a '59 parkwood whith a 348 / 3 spd..opened the eyes of more than one ford 2dr always said he liked the car but got tired of puttin new clutches in it.... opps!!!!

Jeff, I just noticed that you do not have a safety plate, over the axle, so that "just in case of a spring failure" things do not fall all the way to the ground, a bad thing, that is why they are called suicide front ends.. just a reminder.. Ride safe...
Do you mean a plate that bolts to the top of the spring perch and sticks out far enough that it would hit on the top of the axle if the spring broke?

Maybe a topic for a new thread.


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