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Motor Mount


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I fabricated the motor mount parts for a small block chevy. I have an LS motor and had Diane fax a drawing of that mount. All it has is a drawing of a flat plate with the LS bolt pattern. Do I bolt it to the tri-winged small block mount and then to the LS, or do I weld it to the part that bolts to the rubber donut?
I tried to add a photo but I have a rough time with Photobucket.
You will be welding it in place of the three bolt plate. You can also just buy an adjustable adapter for the LS to the three bolt plate.
The location will need to be set up per your firewall/steering box clearance, radiator and fan needs.
This is the only photo I have on this computer

Ulm (LS3) T Roadster Kit.jpg Ulm (LS3) T Roadster Kit (2).jpg
Thank you Sir,
I will be using your standard body so I feel confident locating the motor mounts and steering box where they are on the drawings. I will weld it in place of the 3 bolt plate. I priced the adapters and they are almost $100.00. Thanks again for your response.
Thanks Resinator,
That makes a lot of sense. I got the panhard bar today and I'm impressed with the quality of your work. It fit like a glove. I'll get the coil overs next and be done with the rearend.panhard.jpg
Thank you!! That means a lot coming from a pro like yourself. This is more fun than any project I ever started. I'm hoping to get my body in September, then it will really be fun.
Go to ebay and type in LS engine mounts. The ones i have used are from ICT Billet. 34 or 39 bucks and come with all hardware
On page 4 of set 5 in the AA view, is the mount welded to the frame 1/4" lower at the rear? I see 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" on the drawing and wasn't sure what it meant.
Thanks again,

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