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Mounting a go pro

Hi guys. Do any of you mount a go pro to your cars? What's the best location and how(type of Mount) do you mount it. Thanks and pictures of your setup would be good.
Ditto, as I am interested. I bought a go-pro but need a mounting system!
What GoPro did you buy??? Last summer I upgraded from a Hero3 to Hero11 Black, so much nicer with the image stabilization.

I've used a suction mount similar to this one several times and stick it to the inside of the windshield. I wouldn't trust it outside the car thou.

Another mount that gives an interesting perspective is one that straps to your head. It allows the camera to look in different directions where the suction mount is stationary. The downside is the watching the video will make you dizzy. You don't realize how much you move your head looking around until you shoot video with the camera strapped to your head!;)

It is pretty funny to watch people's reaction when you talk to them with the GoPro strapped to your head !!! ...... "Are you recording me ?????":roflmao:

upload_2023-2-16_10-51-38.png upload_2023-2-16_10-52-46.png

For $30 you can get a kit that has most everything. It's not like it cost so much you have to decide on one way.

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I’ve used my cell phone to take videos of me driving. They’re bouncy as heck! Itried one of the stabilization programs to correct it. I didn’t have any luck. GoPro is the way to go!

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