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this may or may not be the place for this, in sept i lost my job, im fighting trying to get unemployment but no luck so far, i have a roommate who has been gracious enough to let me stay while trying to get my life together, but she lost the lease on our current home and has told me that i need to find some where else to go. and i can understand that. no hard feelings. but i dont know where im going and i dont know if i will be on here very often for who knows how long. i will try to stay in the loop when i can.
Wow Chaz, sorry to hear about your problems. Good luck to you and check in when you can.
Hey Chaz, I checked around and I found

They are hiring in Tuscon for a Route Sales Manager. Apply online and good luck. They pay salery starting at 32K I think. Ya just drive around a class B truck and drop deliveries and keep the sales going.

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