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Short seat belts


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I'm not trying to dive into where to mount or if they are needed as I know everyone has strong opinions on both sides.

I'm having a tough time finding belts adjustable on both sides or with the non adjustable side short enough so the buckle is centered. My seat is pretty low to floor so the 60" lift lap belts are too long on the non adjustable side. I can't find a place that could re see them near me either. I have an old latch and link airplane belt but that seems like the only option with being adjustable on both sides. Has anyone found any others that would work?

Eventually I'm adding a rollbar and will use shoulder straps too so I will need another set anyways
I cut and re-sewed mine with a sewing machine, but I don't see why they couldn't be sewn by hand with nylon thread and a large needle or a sail needle. These guys are doing it with a special hand tool that I'm sure they would like to sell to you, but I imagine that the same thing could be accomplished with a single needle.

Thanks yall! I will look into the price from seatbelt planet. If they seem too expensive maybe I will try to cut and sew my own. I'd prefer to use a machine over hand sewing though.
Thanks @choppedtop and thats not a bad idea @Spanky hahaha I will see if I can find someone local or maybe give it a try my self if my mom still has her sewing machiine. Any suggestions on what type of thread to use that will hold up well? Just nylon i guess right?

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