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My car on Wagner website

Wow, it's always cool to be published !!!
I use a Wagner PCV valve and they put my car on their website: Turbo / Supercharged Applications – M/E Wagner Performance Products
If you have any PCV issues this unit really works.
I just bought one of those though I haven't had a chance to put it on the car yet. I'm hoping it will take care of my oil usage problems. I've tried about a dozen factory pcv valves and none of them have worked. They all let oil by and into the engine even after welding a baffle inside the valve cover. Congrats on them showing your car, very nice.
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Ordinary PCV valves are closed on high vacuum (when the motor is idling) and then open when vacuum drops. If your vacuum is low all the time (big cam, other mods) the PCV valve will be open all the time and sucking oil, affecting idle quality and fouling plugs. The Wagner is adjustable to match your vacuum situation. Also check this article re baffling. You may need a bigger baffle. My valve covers are very tall 2-piece units and I get by with no baffle. Short covers may have oil splashing onto the PVC valve.
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