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My Grille


Because I wanted my frame to be as narrow as i could get it there wasn't a grill shell that would fit (I bought two of them) between the rails. I had to make the shell and then the grille itself. The shell took about a month and more than one try while the grille took 17 pieces of 3/8 SS and 54 bars which was about 30 more than I thought it would be. I threw on a coat of paint tomake sure it would look OK. The two pics ahow it before andafter paint.

I like how you hung in there to get the look you wanted. Great work!
beautiful work on that grill my friend. You doing your own painting?

Thank everyone, the color is called Bengal red it is one that I liked. Like many of us I am one of those people that think I can do anything and I can most often get it done but it takes ten time longer and cost a lot more. But WtH it's my ego and I can feed it what ever I want lol. If the weather is permitting I paint if not I wait. This becoming a great site, keep us the good work.Randall
Randall: I'm the same way. If I can make ANYTHING I will instead of buying it. Takes forever to finish something but that's my fun. I love to figure out stuff and make it.
thats some really nice work there in that grille!

I like to make stuff as well, or at least modify what I can get so it isnt the same as the next guy!!

keep it up!!

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