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My new blower


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Here's the blower I picked up. Pretty stoked about it too. I designed the car with intentions of installing just such a beastie on it.

The first bucket I was close enough to smell was a blown BBC in hot springs Arkansas. That was the beast that turned my switch, and I've been planning ever since. Wish I could find the owner and smack him one.

The first bucket I drove was a blown SBC.

The first bucket I own willbe a blown SBC.
It might take you a few more yrs to finish that thing, Mabee i should use that thing and keep it running till you get er going?
Nice score! I can understand how you feel about getting "bit" and having to scratch the itch!:)
Cool setup. Are you going to run the dual carbs?
Probably not. I'll likely only run a single carb. I've got a Demon that will be happy up there.
Do they really get that poor of gas milage?? :eek: Wow. What causes it, besides the obvious that the blower is sucking more fuel and force feeding it? Going down the road an engine can only use so much fuel, so where does the extra go? I hear that blowers tend to heat up an engine more too.

I swear I am going to build one blower motor before I die. I love them, the looks and the sounds. :)

Nothing is free. Energy is not consumed it simply changes form. The blower puts more air and as such requires more fuel. Net results are more power from the engine and more heat. You have to find the balance that works best. More fuel will make it run cooler. So will a bigger radiator. Overdriving will use more fuel as well. I'm going to run it at 6 PSI boost with a single. Pleanty of pants pulling, but a little less fuel consumption, I hope.

RPM, you running an 8-71?
Mine is a 6-71 and is 10% underdriven. I think what hurts the mileage is 4:10 gears and a 3500 converter. I don't run progressive linkage on the carbs either, both carbs are feeding the engine all the time. Yes they do tend to run hot. I have a Griffin NASCAR radiator in mine, with dual 10" fans. It keeps it cool enough. In heavy traffic in the summer it will run about 220. Going down the highway at speed is no problem. I found out after I put this radiator in that it is really to big for a steert driven car. The tubes on aluminum radiators are different as are the fins. There are single tubes, dual tubes, tubes of 1" , 1 1/4" , and tubes that are 1 1/2" thick in both single and dual configuration. With different amounts of fins between the tubes. Mine is a dual with 1 1/2" tubes and the most fins they make per inch. Well it does not cool good at low speeds because you can't get enough air thru the core, too many fins and too thick. The dual fans helped a lot, but still have to watch the temps at real slow speeds.
donsrods said:
I swear I am going to build one blower motor before I die. I love them, the looks and the sounds. :)


You got to, Don. Everyone needs a blown hot rod at least once :D


Sos, looks like a nice kit you got there. I would run the dual carbs.
I run 2 500's and get 10 mpgs with a 331 gear 28 inch tall tires lets not forget that unless you give it the air to boost it wont make boost. I run 12 lb. of boost but I also only have 7 to 1 comp ratio
joes23t said:

32 * with no det tuned it on a wide band o2 and runs great
also Ron the key thing Im sure you know the higher the comp ratio the greater the chance of det. thats why iI went with the low comp.and with the blower pistions (forged Dished ) and a .100 head gasket I was able to do that Visit the link up top and hear it run.

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