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My ProjecTee

Glad to see pics. Always enjoy watching others projects in progress. So keep the pics coming.
Will do rubicon. I also belong to another forum. So......I am experienced. I've been a member of that forum for about 8 years.
hey brian...go to spirit cars website & click on to their tops in the parts list. go down the tops list until you locate their hardtop. Click on the video that is offered for the hardtop .a man will tell you how to modify the hard top to fit your t bucket. Hope this helps.
COOTER ; I believe the spirit cars hardtop will fit a 20" windshield. They cost about $599.00 + shipping from Arizona. You'll have to widen it about 6" to fit your big boy body.
I purchased the rear shock mounts from Ron Pope. My QA1 shocks use a 7/16" shock mount bolt. Ron's are 5/8". I'm returning them tomorrow. I've already notified Ron regarding my predicament. Ron's a pretty good man ; he has done a lot for me in the past.

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