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My Speedo Dont Work


New Member
my speedo dont work when i hooked it up there were
three wires in the pulse plug
but there were two wires in the harness
that said speedo
i called total and they told me the third wire went
to keyed 12 volt i did that but still no speedo
and ideas ????
the pulse plug has 3 wires and the harness from total has 2
total told me the 3rd wire goes to keyed 12volt
i hooked it up to keyed 12volt but it dont work
I am not familer with the three wire setup, all the ones I have used have two wires. That said, what I would do is make sure the 12V keyed source is is not a momentary switched contact like the starter, Next I would check the Speedo ground wire ( Make sure the Speedo is grounded ) and try a seperate ground for the Speedo. Post your info and if that doesn't work I have some orther ideas for trouble shooting, if needed. I have always said - " If I can't fix it, I'll fix it so nobody else can " :lol:
datonamanmike said:
got my speed o working today special thanks to
Ma_n_Pa T realy helped me out
What was it? I have a 3 wire sender too and no schematics. Inquiring (read weak) minds want to know. LOL
Thanks! Is yours a Auto Meter?

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