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My T-Bucket


She's not a cherry pie, it was built in '71, registered as a '23 and drove hard and often by the two previous owners (i'm number 4). But it fires right up and runs good down the road. I figure i'll cruise it for a couple of years then tear it down and freshen it up.

It has a Corvette 327, tunnel ram, 800 cfm Holley, gear drive, Mallory Unilite distributor, built powerglide and a Corvette rear end (the po wasn't sure as to what year it is he just knows the engine and rear end are from the same car), vertical steering column and a T wheel. WB is about 100". It's running Centerlines (4x15's and 12x15's) and wore out 29x18.50-15's Micky Thompson's on the rear and no baffles.

Plans are to replace the Holley with a 600 cfm Edelbrock Performer carb (i'll keep the tunnel ram for now), replace the baffles (i like it but my 5 yo grandson thinks it's a little loud), change the rims to either chromies with baby moons or Summit Pulsar's. I'm going with something slightly larger in front like a 195/60. I'm not sure about the rear tire size but the rims will be 15x10's (unless my son can talk me into keeping the Centerlines in which case i'll put 15x6's on the front). I might chop the steering column down a tad and adapt it for a different wheel.

I'm not sure abou the rear end. I'm thinking either a 30" bed or a small flat bed with short oak sideboards. The 5 gallon aluminum gas tank looks cool but i'm thinking about something a little bigger. Maybe a small 10-15 gallon fuel cell tucked down in the bed. Tail lights will be either '59 caddy or '50 Pontiac. Two per side, one for tail/stop lights and one for turn signals. Since the bottom half of the windshield is cracked i'm thinking about going to a one piece windshield. The pics show a 2000 sticker but that's because i scraped off a bunch of the old stickers.
LarryH nice looking ride. I sometimes wonder if it would have not been better to buy one all ready built. And then build one later to my own style. Have fun and enjoy.
Welcome nice looking ride Looks like you need a rear wheel alignment by the tire wear. Can't believe someone would let the tires wear that far without adjustment.That like flushing money down the toilet.

The adjusters are just blow the plate. It will probably handle better after aligned.
I think your t- bucket looks fine just the way she is!!!! I'm running 31x18.50 x15s on the rear and 135x15s on the front. I recently replaced all of my tires with radials the same size,what a difference from the bias ply tires. Once again your car looks great.
I decided to keep the Centerlines for now. I was going to put a narrower tire on the rear but like my son said "It's a T-Bucket. It's supposed to have giant meats on the rear." After watching it roll down the street i just can't bring myself to go with anything smaller so i'm going with Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R's in 31x18.00R15. I figure a 31" tall 15" wide tire should do it. I haven't figured out what i'm going with in the front. It has 145SR15's I'm thinking maybe something a 195/65-15 would look good and still be okay with 4" rims.
This is the wheel i want to use (after i chop the column down about 3"). It's 13 1/2", no dish. I like it a lot better than the T wheel.
Nice bucket Larry.
Welcome, I see you found the best site....
Good idea on the wheel I know people have a problem with the hump in the middle of the wheel.
Looks real nice. You didn't mention what MPG you're getting, but I'm sure you'll like having at least a 10 gallon gas tank.
It's actually a 10 gallon tank. My son ran out of gas (not sure how much was in the tank as it dosen't have a gas gauge) just as he pulled into the driveway. I dumped five gallons in it and that gave me about half a tank.

How's your T doing? I read your build thread and your rebuild thread. She looks like a sweet little car.

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