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Need front shock help

Track T-4

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I need to replace my chrome hydraulic front shocks but am not sure what to use or where to get them. Have checked Speedway but don;t see what I think I need. A photo of the current shock is in my gallery:

- Photo

As you can see the top needs to be a bolt-on instead of a loop. I prefer replacing with chrome. The full open measurement is 13-1/4", full closed is 8-1/4" and installed at-rest measurement is 12". Engine is a 2.3L Pinto 4-cylinder so not a big heavy engine up front. Two numbers on the shock are K-798 and P08A77. Shock was not fully open or closed in the photo so ruler is for reference only.

Note: All measurements were made to the point where the 10" mark is aligned in the photo.

Any help would be appreciated. :confused:

Lee and Putz,

Thanks for the suggestions. I spoke with Jim Bailey at Pro Shocks and he pointed me to the best replacement based on the length measurements (installed at rest, compressed and open) of the shocks currently installed on my T. The suggested shock didn't have the stud mount at the top but they will modify them for $10 each. Cost of the shock is $54 each plus the mod. They will also swap for a smalller bushing at the bottom for no charge. Turn around is about 1-2 days. I'll probably order them first thing next week.


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