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My profile has some fun trivia on the avatar.

Since I was a kid, I have wanted to build a car and learn all the nuts and bolts. Last year, I made the leap.

I have a 1923 T-Bucket Speedway kit. 1972 SBC 350ci bored to 355ci. 84 Ford rear end. It was an abandoned project (long story, not worth it).

It is important to note that I am building a car that I think is cool. I have no interest in purity or era-correctness. For example, I expect to overlay a full AI monitoring system once complete and will program the brake, running, and turn signal lights myself (later stage). I apologize in advance if I offend any "purist" people; I want a loud and fun car I can tinker with using all the stuff I like while also learning basic maintenance and the craft.

"Fun Hog" comes from Hunter S. Thompson. It is a pejorative term, and it really resonates with me. The fun hogs were the wackos who came out of the woodwork to vote for things and mess up the whole system of carefully planned electioneering.

I am in Virginia Beach, just moved, and don't plan to leave.
Welcome! Sounds like you have all the basics for a fun T-bucket. Most of us build our cars to suit us, whether or not it meets some established criteria. My love of hot rods goes back to the 1960's so my bucket reflects a '60's vibe. Build it to suit yourself and let us share in the experience. Love to see some pictures of your "parts" when you can . . .


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