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I recently purchased a T-bucket that I didn't feel comfortable about driving because of the way it was put together. I've purchased books on assembly, brackets etc. and have a rolling frame ready for the body. My question is do I need to rubber mount the body to the frame or just bolt it down solid and go? The body was not bolted down at all on the old frame so that don't give me any ideas. Thanks for any help........Big Ed, Marana, AZ
Welcome to the site Ed. You'll find loys of good peopleand info here.

I use pieces of seatbelt between the body and feame to eliminate squeeks.

Welcome aboard, Ed. Lots of knowledgable folks here, and some pretty good senses of humor, too.

My body sits on strips of conveyor belt material, about 3/8" thick (thanks again, EX JUNK!). The body is bolted down in four places to tabs welded to the inside of the frame rails. Bolts are 1/2" grade-5 carriage bolts down from inside the body through large area washers, through the fiberglass interior insert, through the 5/8" plywood sub-floor, through the fiberglass body tub, through a donut of the conveyor belt material to match the strips on the frame rails, through the frame tab, secured with a fender washer and a nylock nut.
I also use the conveyor belt materal the width of the frame.
Welcome Ed, :lol: Mine is bolted down solid.

Where are the Pics of your ride? :D
:D Fred......

Mine isnt bolted down yet but when I do, Ill use something to absorb shock!!!! :lol: Ill Probably use the belt from a round hay bailer....
The tighter it is the better and I don't use anything that may hold water... as the windshield is mounted to the body and when using brace rods, you want no movement with the body.. cut access holes close to the body mounting bolts, so you can reach both sides at once,,,... and then use a thin tin or Alum, plate to cover that access hole later...:)

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