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New computer


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Well, my old computer decided to bite the dust last night. Dead as a door nail, she was. The good part is that I had wanted a new one and needed a REALLY good reason to divert money from the bucket fund. The bad side is that I was wanting to order my shifter and had to say no to that.:sad: I'm still getting the Corvair box, but the shifter would have been a little plus.

Oh well, so is the life of the hot rodder.:confused:
Well, how about the details? What did you decide to purchase?

There are some Dell systems available right now that are pretty attractively priced. I can hear a couple of them calling my name, but my current Dell is one a year old and is an absolute workhorse, so no new systems for me. :sad:
Mike said:
Well, how about the details? What did you decide to purchase?

There are some Dell systems available right now that are pretty attractively priced. I can hear a couple of them calling my name, but my current Dell is one a year old and is an absolute workhorse, so no new systems for me. :sad:

Well, I'm not really sure what happened. I was using my comp and a window popped up that said: Cleaning disk. Click yes to start.
So, I clicked yes. There was a bar noting how the progress was going. I sat and watch, not really paying it much mind. When it stopped, a prompt came up saying: Click finish to finish.
I clicked finish and my screen went blank for a minute, then the main screen appeared and when I clicked favorites and programs, EVERY file I had was empty and wouldn't open!:sad::eek: EVERYTHING I had saved over the last few years is gone. Pics, links to sites.... everything.:eek::mad::eek:

I called a few people and they said it was probably spyware. I'm not up on the details, all I know is my computer stayed on with a background pic of my T Bucket! Like my computer was spurning me.:confused::mad:

So, I went and got a clearanced priced Dell. It's a year or two old and is actually better than what I had. So, I guess I can't complain too much. It was time to get a new one anyway. It's the files that I miss. I had at least 100 pics of hot rods and family stored. Not to mention family pics that had my dad in them.:lol: Most of the pics can be replaced or rescanned, but the pics of my dad were all I had. Most were emailed by family. I'll have to ask that they try to send them again, but that will take forever.:sad:

I kept the old tower and will see if a place in town can retrieve my files, but I'm not hopeful. I spent today just sitting looking at my bucket. Checked the tightness of bolts and stuff. It kinda makes me feel better when crap happens to sit with Miss Behavin'. She didn't give me the hug I needed, but she was good company never the less.

So, instead of getting my steering box AND shifter setup, I could only get the steering box. Yea, I almost considered holding off on the new computer, but snapped out of that thinking kinda quick. I guess the damn thing is a bigger part of my life than I thought.:eek:

PS: The guy at the comp store mentioned that there may be a radical version of Spyware floating around. If something strange pops up on your screen... CHECK IT OUT FIRST! I can't believe I sat and watched all my stuff die in front of my eyes.
Fred You said the box was steel right?Is it reversed?And is it the same dimentions as the aluminum one?If yes to all of the above does he have another one?
Rick said:
Fred You said the box was steel right?Is it reversed?And is it the same dimentions as the aluminum one?If yes to all of the above does he have another one?
Sorry I took so long. I had to run to the store.

Yes, it is steel. Yes, he has aluminum too. Yes, they are reversed. Yes, he has more. In fact, if you check his post on the NTBA website, he has a chrome kit to replace the steel case. It looks sweet! It goes for $150.

Here is the link to his post about the case kit. Check his ad for the steel and aluminum boxes.
They are Corvair boxes of the same dimension. Give the guy a call. He has a cool demeanor and great stories! Did I mention FREE shipping? Yea, free. Mine should be here Tuesday if he ships Monday. If you want to wait, I'll post what he sends me, but I'm not worried. He's well known and respected in the Alliance and that's good enough for me.

He's one of the guys in the Texas caravan to the Nationals.
Rick said:
I see nothing for the STEEL box.

When I talked to him, I mentioned an earlier ad for the cast steel one. I think the older ads get deleted on their site. Anyway, he asked if I wanted steel or aluminum. I said steel and he said $175, with the pitman arm, free shipping. I said "Let's do this thing.":)

Give him a call, Rick. he has all kinds of stuff for buckets.
Here, I did an advanced search and found one of his earlier ads. This is a cut and paste, but if you do a search in the classifieds and set the perimeters it will come up. For some reason the link won't paste.

Posted By: Mikey <>
Location: Crockett,Texas
Date: Monday, 8 October 2007, at 10:00 p.m.

I still have some really clean Corvair Steering boxes for sale.I have them reversed or stock.Many styles to choose from including steel short shank,steel intermidiate shank or steel long shank as well as aluminum short shank. Aluminum for $250 includes free shipping,steel boxes are only $175 and yes, we will pay the shipping on these items too! Also,many other T related parts. Bodies,frames,chassis,rear-ends,brackets,coil overs,lantern lights,radius rods in chrome or plain,motor mounts and more. Custom welding work available. Thanks so much,Mikey 936-544-4849

Fred, rule number one is to back up e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g you store on your computer.

I try to develop a somewhat organized file structure (well, at least I can make sense of it! :eek:) and then I try to back the files up onto CD-ROM's a couple times a week. The discs are cheap insurance.

The first 'real' race car I was ever involved with was an A/Econo Dragster another fellow and myself built in a one-car garage. The other fellow was the owner and driver. He was also an electronics technician, over at Purdue University, so there were always a lot of electronics projects going on in the background. We were modifying old, 23 channel, crystal-based CB radios, long before the PLL radios hit the market. The delay boxes that are so popular with the bracket racers? I wish we would have thought enough of the idea to promote it, because were running one back in the mid-70's. We set an 1/8 mile NHRA record with that car and the mulitple spark discharge box on the car was a home-brewed item. And we were triggering the box with a crank trigger that used an LED and a photo-transistor, instead of magnets. This guy was beyond sharp, when it came to electronics.

Anyway, he left Purdue to start building his own computer systems and grossed over a million dollars in sales, in just a tick over ten months in business. One guy, building computer systems in a single room in his house and he was pulling down that kind of money. :eek: Whenever I needed a computer, I would give him a nudge and tell him to build me a new box. I never once specified a single component, but when he would tell me to come pick up my new system, it was always loaded to the gills.

He passed away a few years back (stinkin' cancer!) and when I needed a new system, I was lost. I tried an HP and had really rotten luck with it (It had Windoze ME on it, which was likely the source of all the problems), so I bought a Sony VAIO, 4 years ago. That box is still chugging right along and was livened up a bit when I removed Windblows and installed Ubuntu Linux on it, a couple months back.

The system I'm running now is a Dell XPS-410 and this thing is a tank. Every time I look over at this hoss, I can hear Seger singing Like A Rock. I'm really pleased with Dell's pricing and their delivery times, so in another year, I'll be looking to buy another one from them.

I think you can be pretty confident with your Dell, but be sure to back up everything you want, every chance you get. If you have everything archived, that will assure nothing will ever go wrong with your computer. ;)
Thanks, Mike. I never even considered doing a back up of my stuff. I never figured I needed to, but I guess the best lessons are the ones learned the hard way.:eek:
One of our sister forums was cracked, just last night. It was rather aggravating to see an idiot's brag page sitting where the home page of the forum should have been. :twisted:

We ended up installing a back-up, taken of the site early yesterday morning, and everything was back to normal in less than an hour. It ended up costing all the forum's posts from the time of the back up to the time the bampot cracked the site, but at least we were able to get the site back under control. I would like to get my hands on the bampot's throat, but the installation of the back-up occurred before I thought to retrieve the access logs. I figure what goes around comes around, so he'll get his. I just wish I could see it when it happens.

Back-ups? Absolutely essential, in every instance!

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