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New from Central Ohio


Just found the site. I purchased a 23T Total Performance car this summer. I love it. I've had a number of hot cars in the past, but never someting that is this much fun to drive. I hope to learn a few things and offer some input when I can help.
welcome to the Forum.Oh buy the way did you read the fine print when you signed up?Ya gotta post pics of your ride:rulz:Bye the way does the car put big smile :razz: on your face?
Welcome to the forum JCunning, since the others already brought up pictures I'm not going to say anything about you posting pictures of your T. I mean some guys get really antsy about seeing pictures of the new guys ride but like I said I'm not going to mention anything about you posting pictures of your bucket. ;)
"WELCOME" This is the site to learn a lot but jump in we all need help from time to time! Tell us more about your T and yourself.
Welcome alot to learn here like how to mount seatbelts and other safety things. That is one thing talked about here alot is keeping it safe.
welcome to the site. i think we need to find a way to get in touch with someof these manufacters so their customers can find us right away.glad you found the site. let us know if we can help.

This is the first forum I have actually participated in actively. I have the pictures, but haven't gotten them reduced in size to fit the requirements. I hope to have the time to get this done on Thursday. I'm anxious to learn about how I can make the car mine by incorporating a few of my ideas.

Thanks for the welcome.

Your rod looks like it is moving right along. How long have you been working on it? Where are you located?
One year so far and i live in Tulsa okla . The body is off for paint and i am just waiting on it to come back so the assembly phase can start. Then interior and SHAZAM ready to cruise. Are all your Cunninghams in OHIO.
Mostly Ohio and West Virginia. I have a sister in California and a brother in Conneticut. My wife has a cousin in Guthrie OK and we have been through Tulsa a few times.

Good to hear you are about ready for assembly. I bought mine from someone in Pittsburgh PA and I am just now looking at a few things I want to change.
Cool maby we will cross paths on some of the route 66 runs we have around here.

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