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Old guy from Northwest

Hi all, try to introduce myself. I live in the middle of state of Washington in Ellensburg. Been a gear head all my 79 years. On my fourth bucket and loving it. Been involved in motorsports for a long time as a driver, owner, track and racing series promotions. Sons and grandsons still very involved in stockcar racing, so summer time is busy. Bought recent car parts from an estate sale in October of last year. Thought it would be a six month project but took almost 10 months before it made the road. This winter is being spent on improving and changing things I did not like when first done. I can hardly wait until weather is good enough to continue to enjoy the car. It is nice car but not a trailer queen but I drive it, like I have always done with other buckets, every chance I get. I have been an old forum member, but when I sold a bucket I stopped coming here. Since coming back, it is sure a wonderful source of information and the first thing I look at when i open up the computer. Thanks to all that keep this site going.
Well Welcome from the left coast of Worshington. Ocean Shores to be exact. Sounds like ya got plenty of work to do. I have a 27 T Coupe sitting on a couple of 32 type fame rails. I am about at least a year or more from completion. and I am currently recovering from a total left shoulder replacement (done in December) and won't be back to fightin trim for another month or two. about then maybe daytime temps will make it possible to work in my unheated shop.
Welcome, Ron! Or should we say, welcome back!! I'd love to hear more about your current T-bucket - power train, body style, suspension etc. Pictures when you can.

PS - Sometimes this site won't let you post pictures until you build up enough posts (10, I think). In the meantime, if you wish you can attach pictures to an email to me and I will post them for you. Just sayin' . . .
Welcome back from Oklahoma!
Welcome back from New Mexico............

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