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New garage on its way

Francis Blake

Active Member
Finally getting a real garage (been working in a harbor freight vinal tarp thing better than nothing) Had one estimate for 16000 I really got disgouraged. Tyr again went to cedarbuilt 3700 installed. Looked over their demo buildings.Lookin good. As soon as the ground is dry enough theyll put it up then I will actually get to start building my tbucket. FINALLY .......Francis
Hi RPM My garage will be 14x24. Would like to have a bigger one but no room. You know how these pie shaped corner city lots are. Oh to be back out of town.
I would love to have a 14x24 tucked out back here.
got a 28x40 up front and it would be nice to have the bucket in a place of its own.. Ive got a 12 x 14 old model T garage out back now that I might overhaul this summer. The T will just squeeze in there. congrats on the shop !!!
Sweet you'll have to post up some build pics of that garage. :lol:
Nothin better than a shop or garage to work in...

Especially in the frozen wasteland of Mizzuurrii in the winter..(I have a friend who lives in Plattsburg..).
I was wondering is anyone on this forum has bought one of those steel buildings that are being advertised on TV and in Magazines? They look kinda like the old Quansut Huts but different. They come pre cut and all you have to do is pour the concret slab and assemble the building.
I was curious just how well they are constructed?

I have another friend who lives in south west Iowa, he uses several of the out door Vapor lights INSIDE his shop for lighting. Changes out the Mercury Vapor light for a different lamp ( I can't recall the type now...) He says he has no problem lighting the shop and no trouble with Cold Weather Start up, or blown lamps or ballasts.
Something to think about....I have 8ft double flouresants, they don't work too good when it's cold and every year I end up replacing bulbs and atleast 1 ballast. So I'm thinking bout changing over to the outdoor lights or somethin.... "BH"
my dad in law has one of those semi round quanset hut type buildings.
It went togather fairly quick but its hard to work in and on. Everything is round so all your rear brackets for your garage door end up being abnoxiously long. He didnt order the ends so we built those, that was a pain too. Im glad he isnt insulating it. For the money I would build another like mine, stick framed and steel sheeted.
If you live in snow country those round/semi round things need to have the snow removed from the sides or the weight could push them over..Seen that happen..
Those florusant lights are a problem I have a small boxed in carport I use as a machine shop with florsuant lights and I dont turn them off in the winter

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