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New Guy from FL... Siamese tub.


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Most everything will be done in my garage

Hand laid myself 2 buckets

Will be slicing and dicing them into a T tub. If you've heard of the HAMB, I usually hang out there, but this build might be an era too late for them. Always changing plans are a T touring, 2.3L 4cyl/5 speed econorod, 2 'glass 4 Ford hoods clamshelled for a track nose, 8" rear, custom frame, 41 Ford front axle suicide mount, cut down windshield, wells in floors to sit LOW. cowl steering, 90 fin Buick brakes up front.

Photochopped color variations change every 5 seconds.

This is a long term project, I have a '46 Ford Sedan that will be done (at least for now) in the next month or so. It was my first build and it was also a ground up.
Welcome aboard! That mold looks VERY familiar. Did it come out of Oviedo by any chance? Please keep us posted on your progress.
Yes Jim, Thats your old mold...
He's also on
I am glad to see that my old mold is being put to good use rather than gathering dust in my attic. That mold is well over 30 years old and still turning out some decent parts.
Welcome 4t64rd :welcome:
Howdy from Amarillo TX :cool:

Welcome to the site. Be sure to start a thread on your build. I'm sure a lot of people will follow it.

Welcome aboard! Now sit down and tell us how we can make our T Buckets change color!:lol:

Seriously, please post pics when you can. That looks like a cool build.
bill4u6 said:
i love that tub black top red body is my style

........and the blackwalls. :cool:

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