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New guy from Huntsville, Alabama


Hey yall! Name's Jason and I've been lived in the same county 41 years. I've always liked T-Buckets. but never really though about building one until recently. I didn't know they were actually this inexpensive to build. 10k-20k?!?!

I guess the main question I have is, can I fit in one? I'm 6'4" and 250 lbs. Not really fat, just a big guy overall. I've been thinking about one from Total Performance/Speedway Motors, I really like their Tribute T. I always loved just a plain ole T-bucket, until I recently found Spirit Industries and emailed them, asking the same question, with no response yet? I live their C-Cab, 28/29 Model A Coupe, but have fallen in love with their '27 T Roadster! Would I fit in the Roadster comfortably? Looking at where the brake pedal is positioned, it's not looking too good, for my long legged body....

If yall think I'll be able to fit in one of these, I'll go ahead and ask about engines. I'd prefer Ford engine in a Ford car. I'd been looking at a bunch of Flats on craigslist, just for the cool factor, but unsure if the block is cracked, cept for one in Georgia, that had a magnaflux done to it and the block is good, but they want $600 for a short block mostly.... I've been pricing parts for the Flatheads and it's ridiculous! So, other than cool factor and poor ponies, I think I've wiped the Flathead from my mind!

So, 302 or 351 with a C4/6 is probably the way I'll go if, I'm able to drive this thing? So, either a Tribute T from Speedway or a '27 T Roadster from Spirit is my plan. I know the best this to do, is find someone close by that will let me sit in one to try it out =)

Gotta head to work. Thanks for reading this. Jason
Welcome to the forum. We offer a 10" stretch body, also have a 10" stretch that is 6" wider. We are located just east of Knoxville TN, just off I-40 at the Dollywood exit. We keep all those bodies in stock, if you get up this way stop by. I am 6'2" Here I am in a stretch body.
Welcome from central Alabama. On flat heads, your best bet is to find one that checks out and runs good for a decent price. You can bolt on the alum heads and multi carb intakes without upsetting anything. Building one is expensive. 302/351s are a good choice with plenty of bolt on bling available. If you do any long distance drives the windsor blocks are no problem to repair, not so on the flathead. On the trans consider a non electronic AOD for easiest to use and good for highway cruising. The c-6 is a big trans and IMO not needed in a T. The C4 is a very good fit and with the right rear gears can do it all. If you rear tires get real tall you might need more gear in the axle.
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Welcome from St Louis! As mentioned above, the stretched bodies available now should let you fit into a T just fine, and what a blast they are!!!
Welcome from PA!
I know it's been almost 2 years, but thanks everyone for the welcome and advice! Life happened and things were tough right after I introduced myself, but now things are getting a little better :) Wife wanted a convertible, so I bought her a used little car, that we don't use as much as we'd like too. But, I'm actually looking at Ron's stuff now. He's a lot closer to me, than Spirit is, 3.5 hours one way vs 9 hours one way. I've emailed him and waiting for a response. Hopefully, I can get a frame from him soon and start building from there!
Welcome again from Birmingham, AL. If you are going to build a car, I would suggest you consider a stretched body. I am smaller than you, at 6'2" and 210 pounds and it is a very tight fit in our bucket with a stock sized body. It is OK for short trips but not longer ones. Ron is a great guy and could fix you up with a body and whatever else you need. I bought my car already built and don't intend to get a stretched body because the frame, driveshaft, etc. would have to be lengthened and we probably won't be able to use the bucket much longer because of age and some health issues. If you would like to test fit yourself in a small body contact me or there may be other buckets in your area. I encourage you to go ahead with that your wish to have a T Bucket because it is pure fun.
Spirit can ship it to you, with a big discount because you are on this site. I can tell you from experience that Spirit Cars will make your dreams come offense to this site's other sponsors.

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