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New guy from Indiana


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Greetings everyone. Just happened to notice someone mention this board on another site and seeing that, as of this weekend, I have a new T project!! Well, me and my brother went in on it together, but we dig the same style. Anyhow, this site is a Godsend! Lots of info and inspiration. I couldn't be happier to be here. I look forward learning VOLUMES!

Thanks, Brian

Glad you jump in, but we need to be stimulated with PICTURES :rulz: :lol:
:welcome: Brian, Pics? :rulz:
Welcome to the site Brian. I think you will find there is a lotof talent here. Got questions? We got awswers! We will all be lookin' for those pictures.

Welcome, Brian! You must be alright because that's my brothers name!:welcome: Yea, everyone here is great and there are quite a few with two or more builds under their belts. They have big belts!:rulz: So, the info and advice is at your need. Heck, if we can't help, we'll figure it out together.

Man, the streets of America are going to be over run with T buckets!:lol: We may have to get all snobby like those '32 guys!:lol:
Sorry for the delay on the pics guys. If you're on the HAMB, you may have seen it already, but here she goes. Its in the living room upstairs right now.......I know, but I'll figure the rest out later.

1 Day after it got home:

Day 3:

Any of you guys use a stock frame, but beef it up, widen it, and run it as such? I'm a little lost on "frame" specs. I have the download that was supplied (thanks) and a ton of Rod & Customs from the "fad-t" era but would like to see some realistic results of the homebuilt stuff seeing how I'm on a budget. Thanks again to everyone.

OK. Sorry for the lack of profile gentlemen. I think instead of hitting "Save" I hit "Reset" for everything :eek:. Now, for business. I went in on this with my brother so this is a joint build. We want to go "hot rod" with it. Thing is, we haven't touched anything older that 1950. We know engine and body work, but chassis is a totally different story. We want to do all of this ourselves...within reason. Work on this project will be a while, as we don't have a garage (It's still in the planning...garage and T). We know what we want but finding out about it is the problem, as well as the best part. I think I've bored everyone enough for tonight. If I think of anything that a search might not answer, y'all mind if I post or PM?!?
ZomBrian It looks like a good start to collecting parts. :cool: There is nothing wrong with starting with a stock frame, providing you box and reinforce it correctly. Just remember that you need good weld skills to take care of that, if your welding is not up to par you might be better off with an aftermarket frame. Something to consider. Meanwhile, post up any questions you have. Chime in anytime. There is many many years of experence here to answer them. Good luck and keep us updated on the build.
Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on in some time. I haven't been able to get any work done on mine. I'm about to leave this great state:rolleyes: and move back south:D!! Maybe I can find a place that actually has a garage and room to work on a project or two! Anyone in the Charlotte area have a business and need an extra employee:eek:?

Can't help ya on a job, but good luck on your move.
Welcome to the show brian ! Thats a good lookin colection of parts ya got there ,should be awsome when ya get it underway!!

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