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new guy from maine


New Member
Just wanted to say hi, I'm rebuilding my t bucket , Built the t at age 17 with my father, I have just turned 46.
drove the t for a couple of years took it apart to make some changes and has been that way ever since. My 16 year old son and I are rebuilding it together. should be a fun project.
Welcome to the site! I'm sure you will enjoy the time you spend here. Your son is so lucky to have you there to mentor him. There are lots of kids not so blessed. Please keep us informed of your progress.

Welcome aboard, Low Tech!:) Putting her back together with your son is awesome! I wish you both the best.
Inspection rules by state patrol have changed alot depending how your bucket is titled. Get rollin with the wind in your hair which alot of us don't have much anymore.
I have been working on mine with my 17 year old also.
:D Welcome :)

I'm about an hour and fifteen minutes south of ya.

Nice to see others here from the northeast. :lol:
Welcome Lowtech :D How about some pics? :D

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