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new guy frorm indep mo

Francis Blake

Active Member
Hi guys been looking in for some time now. think its time to jump in. I guess a little about myself is approiate. I am an old time auto body repairman(1960) A friend and myself built vw buggies in the seventies then I made muzzleloading guns as a hobbie . about three years ago I went to a tbucket show. thats all it took . like so many seem to be I too am on a budget so I am starting slow. I have a tbucket project started but dont know how it will look yet. so more on that later. This forum is great and I think a good place to meet new friends Francis
Welcome to the site Francis. I think you'll like what you see here. Lots of ideas and lots of guys willing to share them. Got a question, ask it, I'll bet you'll get at least one answer. Nice to see a body man on here. I'm sure there will be some questions you can help with.

Thanks for the welcome guys. If you have the march issue of rod and custom page 52 will give you an idea of what I am building. Hope to have it running sometime in april Francis
Welcome Francis :lol:
Hi Francis, what we need here is pictures, pictures, pictures, pictures. Welcome aboard.

Glad ya made it in! Welcome! As you stated, there are a lot of first timmers here, me included. If you need any help or just ideas..... throw 'em out there! All for one and one for all!:lol:

If you happen to be attending the World of Wheels show down at Bartle Hall this weekend, look up the Cowtown T's display. If I remember right, there are 10 Buckets in the club's space. This is a pretty active group of Bucketheads. They will be happy to talk to you and answer any questions you might have.:)

George Barnes
Welcome Francis, from another 1st time T-builder:D
I guess I can classify myself as a T-builder, actually I'm a C-builder:lol:

Hi GAB Good to hear from you. I went to the car show saturday, it was good. the tbuckets were great, thats what I realy went to see. The cowtown t`s are responsible for geting me interested in t`s. Are you a member of the cowtown t`s:D

Yes, I am a member of the Cowtown T's. Several of the members have been friends of mine for quite a few years. Gordon, the Prez, I've known for 45 years or so. Not sure why they let some bucketless dud like me hang around, but they do! :lol: Glad that you got to meet them and hope to see you around soon.

I would say it's pretty obvious why they "let" you hang around with them. I'm just glad you are hanging around here with us.


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