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New Guy in AZ


New Member
Hey all, just joined up and thought I'd post a hello.

I've done muscle cars, off road VWs and currently have a 427 Cobra replica I finished a year or so ago. It's great fun and my teen daughters love it but I spent a bit more than I had intended and it's a lot of trouble to keep clean so I've been thinking about a rod project and a modified-style '27 T keeps coming to the surface. I'm thinking a 'Zd' frame, channeled body, steelies and an inline 6 just to be different. I'd like to be able to build a clean, traditional-style rod for about 10-12K and hope to collect lots of info here.

Here's the current ride (and no, that's not my house ;) )
If you are planing a T then you came to right spot lot's of knowledgeable builders here ..
Welcome to the site from Da Swamps(fla.)
you can never go wrong with a '27,But,I'm kinda partial to them...
Heres the other side, still have nerf bars to build and fix/build the
"rolled pan" type of thingie. won't do a full pan,but have the look....
Welcome Maricopa :cry: nice cobra :cool: A bucket makes a nice addition, no matter what you park it next to. :D
Sadly the Cobra will have to go first, but I figure I'll start collecting parts when I can.

Youngster, now that is sweet! That box you made is fantastic.
I'd love to do steel but I figure 'glass is more in my price range, plus I have a fair amount of experience with it.
Welcome from Amarillo TX:D

whose body is the Cobra??

It's a Factory Five with a few mods. I don't like the 'Ricky Racer' look so I built an undercar exhaust and ditched the rollbar and hood scoop
That Cobra is awesome. I think I like it better without the racer stuff. Which engine is in it?

I've always been a fan of the 'street' Cobra. The vast majority of them came that way from the factory, but most replicas go with the Comp look. Plus no burnt legs getting in and out! :cry:
The only drawback is without a rollbar I can't run it on the track.

It has a late model 5.0 with Trick Flow heads, mild cam, vintage Edlebrock manifold and a Edlebrock 600 carb.

Welcome to the boards! Nice looking Cobra as well, I like the street version better too, too many people do the plain comp kit ones. I see you live in sunny Arizona. My favorite state, I'd love to live there. When I lived in Southern California we used to go to Pheonix and Sedona a lot. Seems to be a bit too crouded now...
Thanks Shawn.
I've lived here pretty much my entire life and really love it. These are the miserable months coming up but it's the price we pay for the rest of the year. Even with the heat it's just short drive North to the cool country.
Yeah but it's dry heat, that is what I like about it. Here in NC it will be 92 degree's and humid as can be and I hate it. Go out for 5 minutes and your soaking wet from sweat.
Plus you have the Colorado River in AZ!!!

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