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I thought I would introduce myself and tell a little about me before posting any... My name is Shawn, I am 20 years old and live in North Carolina but from California. I have been into custom motorcycles and hot rods,classic cars/trucks since I was about 4. I am really into the 20's and 30's stuff but do not own one. I do own a 1946 Chrysler Windsor (rare 3 window coupe), 1948 Chevy Coupe, 1966 F100, 1976 F150 4x4. I used to own a 54 Chevy Belair as well but got rid of it in order to buy my 46 Chrysler.
I decided to join these forums after looking around for a few months first because I plan to build a T bucket. I want to buy the body and build the frame rails and such myself. The only person I know on these forums would be Don (donsrods) from the club hotrod forums. His T is the stance I like and pretty close to the look I am going for (probably a 40's era).
I have been saving parts for this build for a few years now. I have a Ford 302 sb that I pulled from my 66 F100 that I will most likely put into it unless I find a 351W and a C4 tranny. I also have a Ford 9inch rear with 3.70 gears. I would like to build this thing for under $6000. I will do all the work myself since for a living I paint, do body work, weld, etc.
Anyways, thats the info about me and why I am here and what I plan to accomplish.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Thanks a lot!
Welcome to the T-Bucket Forums!

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:toast: welcome from somerset ky. sounds like you have alot going on. you are on the right track and the right forum there are alot of good guts on here and alot of good info.
It is a great forum lot's of information here and a good group
Welcome aboard, Shawn! First off, I wanna thank you for being into hot rods at an early age and being able to feed the habit. I wish I could have done that when I was 20. There's a wealth of info here and as you know Don, I'm sure you'll agree when you look around some more.

If you have any questions or advice, chime in! We're all about helping each other get their dream on the street.:D I just got mine legal and pinch myself everytime I get ready to take a drive. I hope I don't wake up and find myself sitting in the street in my pajamas.

Not that that hasn't happened before.:eek: Opps....... too much info again!:toast:
Thanks a lot guys for the welcome. As for having a lot on my plate, I sure do and too much actually. Everytime I see a good deal on an old car, I do everything I can to buy it. It's addicting and even when I know that I cannot have another, I still look around JUST IN CASE there is that ONE hot rod or classic that I can make an exception for. ;)
I do not mind the spam thing either, we have a local Ford truck club here near me and we have our forums and used to get the bots in it a lot too so I understand. It's good to have this, plus if people are willing to go through the hassle (which it isn't much of) then you will know who "want" to stick around. Sorry for posting twice, I saw the message after posting the second thread and noticed that I screwed up. :D
Welcome fellow Tarheel! Not may bucketeers in this neck of the woods.
Glad you made it.
Welcome from Amarillo TX:D:cool:

Welcome to the site Shawn. As Fred said, we're all here to help you make your dreams come true. Check out the frame plan in the pdf file. if you have any questions, bring 'em on! We're ready to help any way we can.

Welcome.............. :D
Thanks a lot guys! Hers is a T that I really like and from my understanding it has over 1 million dollars into it. Anyways it is the style and stance I want. I know that the back does not rise up like the 23 kits do but that is OK I can deal with that even though I like that flat cut better. Let me know what you think....
0509rc Pinkee 01 Z Photo
As for wheels I will go with a 40's looking spoked wheel.
As for all the chrome and shiney stuff, the only thing I want like that is the front axle and a few small parts. The rest I will just paint or powdercoat myself. I do like that color but I will probably go with gloss black or a dark green or silver and airbrush some fake rivets and plane art on the side cowl area. I like the whole WWII era look along with bucket seats, etc. But I do NOT like the whole "rat rod" as people will call it. I like era correct vehicles or traditional look. (40's-60's)

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