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new here


New Member
I saw a T-bucket a few weeks ago and decided that I needed one :rofl:
Did a search on yahoo for t-bucket forum, and I am....look forward to reading y'alls words of wisdom.

hogdaddy, there are a bunch of good guys on this forum. You need to know anything at all, just ask. You will get some good answers from guys like Fred, Mike and Rick. All great guys

Welcome aboard, Hogdaddy! Glad you made it and I hope you decide to try a T Bucket. I'm having a GREAT time and it has given me the chance to meet some really nice folks. I'm by no means an expert, as I'm working on my first one, but if I can answer a question I'll sure try and I'm also not affraid to do a little searching either. I think gathering all the info you can is a great way to start and it helps during the build process too.

You may want to chime in with Rick because he's built a couple and is a great source of knowledge.

Again, welcome!

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