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new here


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hello everyone, i recently picked up a tbucket kit from california cruisers or customs. joined this site to gather info for the build. Kodi

Read around and you'll find a ton of info here. Otherwise ask. We answer all questions except how to get 23 mpg in a dual blower bucket.
:lol: Lots of good information here the best on the net ,,and we do ask for pictures of a build or finished T ,,
Ton of info on this site. If you cannot find answer to a question just ask. Lots of good help to be found here.
It is easy to get 23 MPG out of a dual blower bucket. Drive it a quarter mile, push it 22 3/4 miles. Simple, not a problem. :lol:
:lol: We love lots of pix's and you have to keep us posted on your build its in the:rulz: :lol: Good Luck with your build and welcome to the site.
welcome to the site. possibly the best tool to use in building your dream.


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