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San Diego T

I just learned about this site , so I registered. My name is Dennis (AKA:Flathead) and I am from Encinitas, CA (San Diego County) Hopefully, I will check in a couple times a week. My car is a 1923 T with a 1937 Ford Flathead, 21-stud. So HELLO to everyone. You can check out my car at, until I learn how to post pics.
Welcome to the forum Dennis, that's a beautiful looking bucket you put together, I love the look that flathead gives the car.
Hey Dennis, It's me... Mr27t in Barstow

Hey there Dennis good to see you here!!! You can post pic's by clicking PICTURES AND ALBUMS and starting your album in your user control panel (Column on the left side of your profile page). A lot of the guy's with the NTBA, the HAMB, and the BASH are here. It's a kewl site with great stuff... It can get a little confusing at first getting used to how the site works, but it is not hard.

Welcome, love that flathead!! Would love to see more pics. Again welcome to the best t-bucket site:D
San Diego T said:
Hopefully, I will check in a couple times a week.

Thats how it starts, then its a couple times a day.

Great color on the bucket!
Weclome to the site and very nice ride you have.
:crap: Very nice ride !
welcome dennis. great looking bucket!!! i like your headers...makes your car look like it's goin 60 sittin still!!!!


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